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Andrej Pejic


Andrej Pejic

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VARNƱAK | via Tumblr em We Heart It.


VARNƱAK | via Tumblr em We Heart It.

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renwyck asked, "[A drunkenly scrawled note on half a bar napkin somehow ends up in Aya’s possession.] why you gotta be so hot?? if you werent married? ….. id totally fight for your honor or some shit like that…… or at least screw you…. yeah id prolly screw you"



(A messily-written drunken response note is on the back of the napkin.)

whaT the fuch you stupd asshat you nedd to bye me dinner frst you cute cheep jerrk even if i wasnt married yOu wouldnt get that no food no Boob you know what i Mean ?? 

if yu buy me dinner wouldve consdrreddtd maybe if i didnt have a big sexy pieraT!!! 

Renwyck would have responded, but he was already passed out at his table with three giggling blood elves drawing phalluses on his forehead in red lipstick.

WAT DU U MEEN? *giggles*

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darnath asked, "☮ Is there anything you don’t like about playing this character?"

I had to wrack my brain on this one and finally came up with what I don’t like about playing this character. NOT A WHOLE HELLUVA LOT! But since I’m supposed to be answering this truthfully… I will stick to this: The creator does not retro RP. No matter what happened, no matter what douche bags came into my life and fucked with my story OOCly and ruined Gentil’s life I will not retro. And sometimes that really is difficult with the little guy. I keep my character integrity and sometimes that makes things a little awkward for him : /  He’s a little broken but there is nothing wrong with using this as a stepping stone to become stronger.

And on an aesthetic side, I hate how basic the avatars look. Our toons cannot rightly express how we see our characters and others don’t actually ‘see’ you until they ‘know’ you in RP.

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ryderflynn asked, "What is the most challenging aspect of playing this muse? (I can't make symbols weh)"

☏ What is the most challenging aspect of playing this muse?

So I got this prompt twice so I will do my best to answer it for you!

I think the most challenging aspect of playing this muse is that he is the first character I’ve ever played that has acquired so many friends! I am very used to playing characters that are in the shadow of others because I did so much one-on-one RP in the past - or I often found myself drawn to outspoken toons like Belinor and let them do all the talking as I loomed behind him. Even Teir felt like Alinith’s shadow to me!

Gentil has been a little ray of sunshine! It might be that in the early WoW years, I was more withdrawn and kept myself hidden. But with things like tumblr and bnet, it has opened up more possibilities and helped me find other people’s muses to love! Because of learning how to realize that there are so many friendly people out there, I’ve come out of my shell and been able to bring new life to old toons that hovered in the dark. 

Because of people like Flynn and Syn above, Gentil’s learning curve to balance a social life has been getting easier! 

So in short (or long it seems) the web of connections and friends Gentil and I have made was daunting at first. But I’m learning! Developing him into a more rounded character instead of a follower has been difficult but thanks to the guild and tumblr over the last two years, I’ve learned to realize there is a whole new world to explore!

<3 you guys and gals so much!

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firemagicked asked, "✈ Is it easier to write angst, fluff, or crack with your muse?"


Definitely angst.

When Gentil the Blood Elf was created, I hadn’t intended on RPing him at all! He was created on WrA because my main Priest on SoE had been lacking and I needed to remember how to play as a Priest after we got hit with all those changes years ago in Cata. But tumbling into RP as I was just standing in the city one day, I had to think fast. 

On the fly, a quiet angsty character was born because this way I didn’t have to reveal too much about him, or myself. As days went by and I kept running into these same people, they started to pity him for various mysterious reasons and playing off other people is the best way to develop a character! During this time I went through a huge change in my WoW life, leaving the SoE and was feeling very down in the dumps. It seemed to bleed over into this muse and thus Gentil was developed to help me deal with expressing rl angst in a creative way.

With the best practice in writing angst for Gentil I find it very easy to do so. And he looks at me with kind affection, knowing he saved my creative life in a thousand ways. And he trusts that I would never do anything to him that would compromise our balance.

Wow that was deeper than I thought it would be. 

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jaylith asked, "Fluff :: What hits their soft spot? Does anything turn them into emotional goo?"

Oh so many things! But! If we are judging by the most gooey… The best way to make Gentil all melty-welty in a good way, is when someone gives him something that is not only hand-made but meaningful. Examples: The bracelet Dar gave him that plays a recording of a song the Knight wrote for him when he gets lonely to make him feel better. When Riley spent days with Gentil, creating a harp together for Winter’s Veil. When Whynnoa sewed a blanket and had it enchanted to keep him warm in the cold nights because they’d met in Kun-Lai and it was important time for both of them to remember how they beat back the cold together with their friendship.

There are likely many things that will turn him into a gooey mess! This is Gentil after all! 

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Ask Away! »


❤ How long have you been RPing?
❥ How long have you been RPing this character?
유 Who was your first muse?
♋ What drew you to this muse?
☮ Is there anything you don’t like about playing this muse?
✌ What is the easiest aspect of playing this muse?
☏ What is the…

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The Saucy Seamstress

Gentil listened to the little woosh of the mail box as the parcel was whisked away into the magical portal and sent on its way. What an interesting device, these mailboxes. He wondered if any of the other cities had systems that were so efficient? He’d finished Lachlin’s commission and included a little envelope with the price. It was just a few hours work and he’d had the measurements from last time, not truly needing another fitting much to Lachlin’s likely chagrin.

He carried the rest of his parcels to a courier, having them delivered by hand. Magister Raivenn’s was much to big to fit in the mail chute. He’d finished the five matching outfits, all of different colors. All were slightly different; the stitch and length and material and trim. It had been pleasant to work on them, in lieu of the unsent wedding gifts for Syn and Talean. He might have brought them on his next visit to see Lark, but somehow he didn’t wish to mix his two professions if he could help it.

The Lacey Physician… he giggled. The Naughty Doctor… oh my! He giggled to himself as he walked down the street, blushing when he realized he was being stared at for his odd behavior.

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i made a really fucking shiny thing in the stream just nowugh its so shiny


i made a really fucking shiny thing in the stream just now

ugh its so shiny

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